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StageGear Rentals offers Video and Visual playback equipment for any situation, Best Man's Speeches, Training and Corporate Seminars and  Awards Events.

Our inventory includes; DVD Players, LCD Projectors, 42" and 60" Flat screens and screen sizes from 6ft to suit any environment. We also provide all the necessary switching, linking equipment and cabling for these systems.

Marquee Venues (daytime): It is recommended that multiple Flat Screens are used in Marquee venues due to the high ambient light levels that are normally associated with these structures.

What we Supply....

The visual content of presentations has increased significantly with Lighting and Video starting to share ideas and technology. Our Video equipment not only provides our corporate and wedding clients a means to present their message, it also enhances theatrical productions that want to explore a more dynamic approach.

  • Medium 42" Screens
  • Large 60" Screens
  • LCD Projectors & Screens
  • Video Walls
  • DVD Players
  • Video Distribution equipment.

Where we supply:
  • Best Mans Speeches - It is becoming more popular for the best man to enhance his speech with the aid of visual presentation, usually in the form of photographs, (but could also be video), of the grooms past.
  • Wedding Photo and Video Playback - With the digital age of photography it is also more popular these days to show a slide show, (or video playback), of the Wedding Ceremony earlier in the day.
  • Training and Corporate Events  - Using Power point Presentations etc. to assist with getting your message across in a more interesting way.
  • Awards Evenings / Events- Using Power point Presentations and Video playback to show information about  the nominees and winners.
  • Event Relay - Incorporated with a PA system, this could be an event that needs to be shown to people outside of the main presentation area, for example: a public meeting or a church service.
  • Advertising - Screens are also useful for advertising companies or products at your event, this could also be used to generate some income for the event or charity.

Large Screens
Image 1

42" and 60" Plasma or LCD screens are a common way of displaying Laptop Presentations or Family Photos at a wedding. Any number of screens can be used to display individual presentations and films, or the screens can be linked to provide a simultaneous display of the same presentation or film.

  • Ideal for Corporate or Training Presentations.
  • Ideal for stand alone Advertising from a Powerpoint presenation at Shows
  • Great for use at Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthday Functions to display family photos from your laptop.

LCD Projectors & Screens
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StageGear Rentals can supply both standard output LCD projectors (approx 2000ANSI Lumens) and high output projectors ( above 4/5000 ANSI Lumens) to fit a range of situations including rear projection.

Projectors can be placed on standard projector stands or mounted on a Truss or Marquee structure. The most popular screen size is approx 6ft in width, although larger are available.

Projectors can display DVD, Camera or Laptop Presentations, which can also be mixed with a video mixer for an enhanced display.

Fast Fold Screen 4m x 3m (195" - 16ft diagonal)
Fast Fold Screen 4m x 2m

 Fast Fold Screen 4m x 3m (Approx 195" - 16ft diagonal)

The Rapidfold screen is ideally suited for any large projection solutions. The Rapidfold frame has been engineered to make installation simple. Whether for a permanent installation or for the demands of event hire the Rapidfold screen is designed with longevity in mind.

The unique lightweight 'one piece' frame installs in seconds without the use of tools. The frame comprises of a rugged aluminium frame with multiple easy locking joints, and quick release mechanisms so that the screen can be installed in seconds.

 The Matt White, Flame retardant and mildew resistant Fabric is attached to the frame with a quick release popper system (dome and grommet). The screen fabric has an 85mm thick Black border surround which increases the perceived clarity of projected image and it's durability.

Truss and Frame included, the screen is also supplied with rugged carry case equipped with wheels.


Video Walls
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LED Video Walls

LED Screens are are made up from tens of thousands of tiny LEDs, making them suitable for use in bright environments where a vibrant colourful image is required.

Video Presentation Switcher / Scaler & Distribution
Kramer VP-747 Video Switcher / Scaler

StageGear Rentals can supply not only the screens or projectors but the equipment to produce high end video switching, mixing and distribution of VGA, RGB/YUV HDMI etc. signals.

The latest edition to our portfolio being the Kramer VP747 video switcher scaler. 8 inputs to Live and Pre-view outputs.

Inputs can be a mixture of equipment including Video Cameras, Laptop or PC's, DVD players to provide an extremely professional corporate presentation and awards ceremonies.