Pyrotechnics & Special Effects Hire Hampshire & the Isle of Wight - StageGear Rentals - To Enquire Call us on 07989 245 976 - 9am until 7.30pm

StageGear Rentals offers a range of Pyrotechnics and Special effects, these include Smoke, Haze, Low Fog, Bubble and Snow Machines, Strobes and Ultra Violet cannons.

We offer the full range of Le Maitre PyroTechnics and own a comprehensive range of Le Maitre Firing Hardware, we also have fully trained staff in this field of expertise.

Smoke & Haze Machines
  • Haze Machines
  • Smoke machines
  • Low Smoke Machines

Bubble & Snow Machines
  • Bubble Machines
  • Snow Machines

  • Dry Hire Systems 

(Conditions apply)

  • Manned PyroTechnics Shows

Ultra Violet Effects
  • 4ft UV Tubes and Fittings
  • 400w UV Canons

1500w Strobe
  • Large 1500w DMX Strobes
  • Medium Strobes
  • Strobe Controllers