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StageGear Rentals offers TWO types of Stage Platform:-

"Quick Fit" stage ideal for all flat surface scenarios, for example, Education, Corporate, Live Music, Community Halls and Houses of Worship. This stage can be dry hired without the need for a large van and can be a 1 person fit. It also complies to ALL current Stage System legislation.

Lite Structures - Industry Standard "Lite Deck" - This is the best option when the stage is placed on an uneven surface, (as the legs are adjustable), for an Outdoor Event or when a High Stage is Required - This system is a two person lift, and will require a large van for transportation.

Quick Fit Stage Systems
Fast Fold Stage System

"Quick Fit", perfect for Education, Community Spaces, Shows, Live Music and Places of Worship and can be installed by 1 person and easily transported so perfect for 'Dry Hire' to save costs. Various sized decks and leg heights available.

Lite Deck Stage Systems

Lite Deck - Best Suited for High, Outdoor and Uneven Surfaces. Various sizes, steps and safety rails are available. - Requires Large Van for transportation.