Dance Floors

We are able to offer a range of portable Dance floors for your special event, which includes Black and White, White, Black, Parquet, Mirrored and Illuminated. All floors are totally portable and come in sections which can be simply interlocked together. Once assembled the floors look stunning and add a touch of elegance to your event.

The floors can be used in a variety of application which include

  1. Weddings
  2. Private Parties
  3. Marquee Events
  4. Showrooms
  5. Exhibition stands
  6. Product launches
  7. Corporate events

You will need to decide how much space you have for a dance floor. Or, the floors can be used for a dining area. Either way you will need precise measurements. When planning your event usually 30% of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time. If space is not an issue then use the chart below to calculate what size of Dance floor you require:-

Total number of Guests    Total number of Dancers    Size of Dancefloor
               60                                20                           10ft x 10ft
              100                               30                           12ft x 12ft
              160                               55                           16ft x 16ft
              200                               70                           18ft x 18ft
              275                               90                           20ft x 20ft
              400                               140                         24ft x 24ft
              600                               200                         30ft x 30ft
             1000                              350                         40ft x 40ft

Dance Floors
Black & White Dance Floor

StageGear has offered Dance Floors for many years to the Isle of Wight, these include Black & White and LED style floors.

Available in different styles / colours

Available in the following sizes:

3m x 3m / 4m x 4m / 5m x 5m / 6m x 6m