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Health & Safety Data - PYROTECHNICS
Stage Gerbs

Points to look out for:

1. Is the user of pyrotechnics in your venue trained to use the products? Are they a member of the ASP (Association of Stage Pyrotechnicains). 

Check to see of their name is on the directory at 

2. Have you a completed risk assessment and COSH sheet for your pyrotechnics display, to ensure that your venue and its clients are safe? If using Le Maitre products health & safety data sheets are available at - Ensure you know what products are to be used.

3. Check the following:

  • Height of projection of the Pyro - (So you will not burn your ceiling) 
  • The Sound Level Pressure of the Device (dB)
  • Hot or Cold ''fall out''
  • Distance to the nearest person - usually 2-3metres minimum

4. Make sure ALL pyrotechnics are securely stored in a UN approved cardboard box whilst not in use or are in transit.

5. Make sure that the correct firing equipment is used. (Car batteries or use of un-enclosed batteries at the firing position are not acceptable).


Health & Safety Data - SMOKE & HAZE MACHINES
Smoke & Haze

Points to Remember: