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Welcome to the Shop of StageGear Rentals, in the shop you will find the majority of our Hire Stock

We probably have the most varied and equipped warehouse on the Isle of Wight for Technical Equipment in our industry, in fact other companies come to us for support to their businesses.

You can either place items in your basket and check out for a booking or quotation, or just ring us on 01983 298 292. StageGear Rentals also prides itself that we are on 24hour standby, and response if necessary, for any one who has equipment on rental from us.

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StageGear Rentals offers a full bespoke Event Power Distribution service for your event.

Whether it is a distributed mains system from your existing on site mains power supply or from hired portable genertors, 240v single phase or 415v three phase, StageGear has the solution.

StageGear will also liase with your other service providers, (Caterers, Bands & DJ's etc.),directly to ensure they have the necessary power and outlets for their requirements.

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