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StageGear Rentals offers PA systems, from a Megaphone, or Small Battery Opertated System with USB and Radio Microphones built in, to a large system for Live Music. So whatever the situation, or number of people you need to get your message or music to, we have a solution.

What we supply...
  • DIY Disco Packages
  • Speech/Background Music PA Systems
  • Live Performance PA Systems
  • Show & Church Service Relay Systems
  • Outdoor PA systems for Fetes & Shows

DIY Mobile Disco Packages
Image 1

 DIY Disco Package 1  £ 59.00 

Especially suitable for Small Halls & Wedding Venues where you want a medium volume system and be in control of the Music and Volume. Your PC or iPOD can be connected.

This system includes, a Microphone, a Twin CD player, DJ Mixer and Amplifier, 2 Loudspeakers on stands, and 1 Bar of 4 LED disco effects lights on a stand.*

 DIY Disco Package 2 £ 79.00

This system is the same as Package 1 but also includes 2x 15" subs for that even bigger, warmer sound !!!!.*

 DIY Disco Package 3  £ 99.00

Especially suitable for Medium Size Halls & Wedding Venues where you want to be control of the Music and Volume. Your PC or iPOD can be connected.

This larger system includes, a Microphone, a Twin CD player, DJ Mixer and 1200w Amplifier, 2x200w  Loudspeakers on stands and 2x 400w Bass Loudspeakers, and 1 Bar of 4 LED disco effects lights on stands.*

* Smoke, Haze, Bubble or Snow Machines can be added for a small addtional charge


Speech & Background Music PA systems
Marquee PA

We can offer a single powered loudspeaker on a stand with a microphone and music playback facility such as CD or iPod / Laptop lead* through to a multiple loudspeaker system depending on the size of venue or number of rooms you wish to have speech or music relayed.

The most popular system will comprise of two loudspeakers on stands, a mixer amplifier, a hand held radio microphone and music source, in a larger area there may be a need for four loudspeakers. This is not so the system is louder but gives a more evenly spread lower volume.

*Customer must supply iPod / Laptop or MP3 player

Live Performance PA Systems
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StageGear Rentals can offer ''Live'' performance music systems from a range of Turbosound TXD loudspeakers giving up to 7.5kW of sound power over a combination of four 2x15" mid/high loudspeakers and two 2x15" + 2x18" sub bass loudspeakers all driven by the excellent Crown XTi4000 power amplifiers. This coupled with six Turbosound TXD15M monitor loudspeakers gives an excellent quality ''Live'' PA system for Isle of Wight Venues such as Ventnor Winter Gardens, Medina Theatre, Ryde Theatre & Cowes Yacht Haven.

StageGear can also offer smaller Live performance PA systems suitable for Musicians or Bands and are taylored for the needs of the customer and venue.

Outdoor PA Systems for Fetes & Shows
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StageGear can provide speech and music PA systems for outdoor events such as Fetes, School Fund Raisers, Sports Days and Shows. The system will usually comprise of several ''horn'' loudspeakers on tripod stands to cover a large field. Hand Held radio microphones mean that the commentator can roam the field in order to relay announcements and music can be played in between the commentary to avoid silence across the field.

Show & Church Service Relay Systems


StageGear Rentals can provide audio and visual relay of shows or church services to large audiences that may not be able to fit into the venue.

StageGear has provided audio relay systems to the Isle of Wight Cremitorium, The Minster Church of Sts Thomas - Newport, and Quarr Abbey.

Induction Loop Systems
Induction Loop Systems Isle of Wight

StageGear is able to supply for installation or temporary rental induction loop systems. This will make your venue or event DDA compliant.

Equestrian Events

We cover every aspect of event communications:

  • Commentary units (single- and double-tier)
  • Public address (indoor and outdoor)
  • Two-way radios (digital and analogue)
  • Generator and power hire

This list is designed to be indicative of the services we offer; it is by no means comprehensive. If you would like to discuss a forthcoming event, or for examples of our work with existing clients, please do not hesitate to contact us.